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Best Mattress for Back Pain

Don’t let back pain ruin another day. Find satisfying relief with the award-winning Douglas mattress. Shop Douglas
Updated: May 3, 2024

200,000+ Canadians Have Chosen Douglas

Canadians with back pain love Douglas, too.

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Best Mattress for Back Pain

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See Why Canadians with Back Pain Love Douglas

Douglas has over 12,500 5-star reviews from people who love their mattress.

I Could Not Believe the Difference.

I have had a persistent painful back injury from an accident several years ago ... We got a Douglas mattress and after sleeping on it the first night, I woke up with no stiffness or pain for the first time since the accident. I could not believe the difference.

Diane K. Verified Douglas Buyer
London, ON
No More Lower Back Pain

As a stomach sleeper, I always woke up with lower back pain. 30 days pain free since receiving our new mattress. The movement isolation of the mattress is amazing. My wife never notices me leave the bed for work at 4:30 a.m.

Jordan D. Verified Douglas Buyer
Tobique Narrows, NB
Great Product!

I’m sleeping deeper thanks to this mattress, and I’m not waking up with an aching lower back anymore. It’s true that the Douglas mattress has just the right amount of "sinkage." It know there is proper support as my joints feel fine in the morning. I definitely look forward to sleeping.

Marian F. Verified Douglas Buyer
Kingston, ON
Amazing Mattress

I have major back issues and have had for years. The Douglas Mattress has been amazing. Tried numerous [other mattresses] but they didn’t help.

I no longer wake up with excruciating pain. I can’t tell you how it has changed my life. The best thing is the Douglas mattress has given me a better quality of life.

Donna F. Verified Douglas Buyer
Oshawa, ON
Bought It for My Guest Room

My guest found it very comfortable. He suffers from frequent back pain, but he did not have any issues during the 10 nights he slept on my new Douglas.

Once he returned home and started sleeping in his own bed, his pain returned. He asked me what mattress I had so he could order one for himself.

Christine M. Verified Douglas Buyer
Markham, ON
Hands Down the Best Mattress for Spinal Cord Injuries

I have suffered from lower back pain for decades and could never ever find the right mattress until I found Douglas about 8 years ago. I bought a King size for me and my spouse and my low back pain was gone, something I had not experienced for decades.

Let me tell you, if there is anyone that has tested your products long term, and tested them for severe medical problems that would be me. I can tell you without a doubt your mattresses are just simply amazing ... Any time my pain is really bad I have to lay down and I do that on your mattress and the majority of my pain just simply melts away.

Steve C. Verified Douglas Buyer
Hamilton, ON
Relief for Sciatic Problems and Shoulder Pain

I have been sleeping a lot better with my new Douglas bed. It has the perfect amount of firmness, but with the memory foam it gives you just enough softness to take away from the pressure points of my painful areas, so I have been sleeping a lot better.

Melanie L. Verified Douglas Buyer
Thunder Bay, ON
Alleviates My Pain

I used to sleep on a very firm foam mattress, as recommended by some specialists, and would wake up in pain at least five times every night ... I developed anxiety before going to bed, knowing what hell was awaiting me.

My new Douglas mattress changed everything. It offers enough support to keep my spine aligned when I sleep on my back or on my side, and it also provides a nice hugging sensation at the level of my hips and shoulders that is so comforting. Now, I crave my bed every night.

Marie-Jeanne B. Verified Douglas Buyer
Montréal, QC
So Comfortable

My previous attempts of deciding which foam mattress to go with had left me down to Douglas and Endy with no clear winner.

The bed I slept on at an Airbnb in Brandon, Manitoba was so comfortable I had to rip the sheets back and see what I was sleeping on.

It was a double-size Douglas.

Janet M. Verified Douglas Buyer
Thornburn, NS
Would Highly Recommend

I am strictly a side sleeper. I purchased my Douglas Mattress as I was having pain related issues with my hips and knees.

I did my research on several mattresses before choosing Douglas. I feel that I have made the right choice as I am sleeping much better and my hip and knee pain has dissipated.

Paul B. Verified Douglas Buyer
Saint John, NB
1 / 5

5 More Reasons Why Douglas Is the Best Mattress for Back Pain

Life-Changing Comfort

Awards are nice. Five-star reviews are great. But what do actual back pain sufferers think about the Canadian-made Douglas mattress?

According to a survey of Douglas owners conducted in January 2023:

85% of back pain sufferers said Douglas helped somewhat or a lot with their back pain.

With Douglas, the odds of finding some relief are greatly in your favour.

85% of back pain sufferers said Douglas helped somewhat or a lot with their back pain.

*Based on a survey of Douglas owners conducted in January 2023.

"My husband and I both had back issues for the past year, and after one week of switching to the Douglas mattress, our pain has all but disappeared. I cannot say enough about this! Highly recommend!!"

Danika M. Verified Douglas Buyer

Oak Bluff, MB
A Supportive Firmness Canadians Love

Every Douglas mattress is specially engineered to have a "medium-firm" feel.

What does that mean for back pain sufferers?

First, it means that Douglas is compatible with a wide variety of body types and sleep styles. It’s also a fantastic choice for people who share their bed with a partner.

The medium-firm Douglas mattress provides the support your body needs to keep your spine in comfortable alignment, while still offering enough cushioning to prevent stubborn pressure points from forming.

"Very comfortable. Firm for my back but like sleeping on a cloud at the same time. I like how I don’t feel my partner's movements during the night"

Denise M. Verified Douglas Buyer

Paradise, NL
Pressure-Point Relief for Your Joints

You might have heard that firm mattresses are the best for you back. But for many sleepers, that’s like trading one type of discomfort (lower back pain) for a whole host of other problems that come from a lack of cushioning: dull aches; pressure points; numb and tingly limbs.

As Douglas gives your body the support it needs to help stave off lower back pain, it also balances out the pressure with enough cushioning to help lessen the occurrence of pinched nerves and dull soreness.

"My fitness tracker is reporting that I am getting more deep sleep. My shoulder, back and hip pain are gone. Five stars for this mattress."

Jeannine P. Verified Douglas Buyer

Oakville, ON
365 Nights to Try the Mattress at Home, Risk-Free

We’re confident that you’ll love your new Douglas mattress. In fact, we are so sure that we allow returns for up to ONE FULL YEAR after delivery. That’s nearly 4x as long as the standard sleep trials offered by other mattress companies.

So take your time and sleep on it. See for yourself how the Douglas mattress helps to alleviate your back pain.

If for whatever reason you decide that Douglas is not right for you, we’ll arrange to pick up your mattress and donate it to a local charity or recycling centre in your area.

"I never considered a foam mattress before, but the reviews and risk-free trial convinced me. I am glad they did! Slept great immediately and awake every morning pain-free. This is one of the best purchases I've ever made."

Robert J. Verified Douglas Buyer

Cobourg, ON
Unbeatable Value!

Great news! Every Douglas mattress purchase now comes with a free Comfort Sleep Bundle. What's included?

2 FREE memory foam pillows*
1 FREE cotton sheet set
1 FREE waterproof mattress protector
2 FREE waterproof pillow protectors*

Not only is Douglas an excellent mattress to help relieve symptoms of back pain, but it sets you up from Night 1 with the bedding essentials you need to start getting the restorative sleep that helps you feel your best each day.

*One pillow and pillow protector for Twin, Twin XL, and RV Bunk Small mattress purchases; pillow protectors not included for RV Short Queen mattresses.

"Our Douglas mattress compares pretty well with the Tempur-Pedic mattress we bought almost 10 years ago and for a fraction of the price. We’re very satisfied."

Gilles C. Verified Douglas Buyer

Québec, QC

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