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The Douglas 365-Night Sleep Trial

Try Douglas at home, at your own pace, and with zero pressure. And if you don’t love it? Returns and removal are both free and fully arranged.

How Our Sleep Trial Works

Step 1
Start Your Sleep Trial

Your sleep trial begins the day your new mattress (or select sleep accessory) arrives at your door. Unbox it and unroll it — your Douglas will be ready to use the same night you set it up.

Step 2
Sleep On It

It often takes a few weeks to fully adjust to a new mattress. This is perfectly normal, and the phase should pass soon enough. So we ask that you take at least 21 nights to make your decision.

Step 3

After the initial break-in period, you’ll have up until night 365 (for Douglas mattresses) or night 120 (for select sleep accessories) to decide whether to keep your product.

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What if I choose to return my mattress? We’ll arrange for it to be picked up and sent to a local charity whenever available. You’ll get a full refund once your mattress has been collected. Oh, and we'll help arrange the free mattress pickup, too!

Still have questions? See our full list of FAQs.

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Much More Time to Decide

Douglas gives you more than 3X as many nights to test out your new mattress than other leading brands in Canada. The longer you can try out your new mattress at home, the more confident you can be that it will give you the great sleep you need, night after night, year after year.

Shorter sleep trials simply don’t compare. Get the guaranteed comfort only Douglas can provide.

*180 nights with the purchase of a mattress protector.

Guaranteed Comfort in Every Canadian Season

One hundred nights might seem like plenty of time to test out a mattress. But that’s only a few months.

Will a mattress that keeps you cozy and warm in a Canadian winter be cool enough in the summer? Or will the mattress you try in July still be as supportive and comfortable next June?

Only Douglas offers you this certainty. Our mattresses were designed specifically for the needs of Canadian sleepers – and that means designing them to stand up to each of our wildly different seasons. Only a 365-night sleep trial offers you complete confidence that your mattress will meet your needs all year round, or your money back.

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