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The Douglas Environmental Commitment

Less Carbon, Better Materials, Cleaner Energy, Local Shipping

More Science, Less Carbon

Douglas’ ecoLight® foam is a 4th-generation memory foam, designed to have the same durability as high-density memory foam*. With up to 40% less carbon input, ecoLight® foam makes your Douglas lighter, more breathable, and deliverable using less fuel.

*Tested to ASTM D3574-I3 Procedure C, against 4 lb memory foam.

Sustainable Materials

Every Douglas cover contains sustainable Infinitex™ fibre, which is produced from renewable plant-based sources using an efficient closed-loop process that creates almost zero waste. This strong and biodegradable fibre is spun into a durable thread that we use to create the unique Douglas cover.

Made Entirely in Canada

By making Douglas in Canada, we avoid the carbon footprint associated with international transportation. All foam, fabric, and packaging are sourced from Canadian suppliers. Our mattresses are proudly handcrafted in factories across Canada.

Eco-Conscious Delivery

  • Committed to Sustainability Our mattress shipping boxes are crafted using up to 60% recycled cardboard, sourced from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC). By using recycled materials and supporting responsible forest management practices, we aim to minimize our environmental impact.
  • Optimized Shipping By compressing and shipping your Douglas in a box at up to 80% less volume than a comparable unboxed mattress*, we can fill delivery vehicles more efficiently, letting us transport more mattresses with fewer vehicles.
  • Efficiency at Every Step Even our return process is hyper-efficient. We use local movers to pick up and donate returned mattresses to local charities, whenever possible. If you decide to return the mattress before the end of the 365-night sleep trial, rest easy knowing that we do our part to ensure it doesn’t go to waste.

*Based on a king-size Douglas: 6.93 ft3 boxed vs. 35.19 ft3 unboxed.

Douglas mattress box

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