Made in Canada

A Made in Canada Mattress Shipped Right to Your Door

By Canadians, for Canadians

Available coast-to-coast-to-coast, the Douglas mattress has been designed, refined, and defined by Canada. Douglas uses Canadian-sourced materials and is crafted in Canadian factories by the very best.

Inspired by the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are undeniably breathtaking. We knit a tribute into every Douglas mattress to remind us to keep pushing our products to new heights.

Designed in the Prairies

Based out of the Prairies, we draw inspiration from the work ethic and innovative thinking of those that have made the Prairie region the agricultural heart of Canada.

Crafted in Canada

With some of the best textile and foam factories in the world, Douglas mattresses are proudly crafted in Canada. Your Douglas will be made fresh on order, often only days old by the time it arrives at your door.

Canada First

In 2009, we launched what would become one of Canada’s largest online-only mattress companies. is a company of firsts: the first online luxury mattress brand in North America, the first 100+ night trial, the first to offer 100% free returns, and the first to offer zip-in adjustable firmness.

We’ve seen many competitors come and go, most of them designing their products for the USA and treating Canada as an afterthought. With Douglas, we decided to put our focus on Canadian sleepers first and foremost. Douglas has been designed, crafted, and tested for Canadians from the beginning.

Based in Western Canada, our co-founder, Sam Prochazka, spent many months combining the best high-performance foams and textiles from Canada’s top manufacturers, and the results are breathtaking: we have created one of Canada’s best sleep systems for a simply unbeatable price.

Photo: Andy (left) and Sam (right) Prochazka, co-founders of Douglas and

Canadian Value

With Douglas, you get an incredible value mattress. In fact, by buying a mattress with us, you are saving nearly $500 over other online brands. Think of what you could buy with those savings!

Image of a cup of coffee.


Cups of Timmies’

Image of a bottle of Canadian maple syrup.


Bottles of Maple Syrup

Image of hockey pucks.


Hockey Pucks

Image of a Canadian toque.



When compared to a Leesa queen mattress, original price $1,290 vs. Douglas queen mattress, original price, $799. Prices shown without taxes, valid as of 9/4/2019.

Tim Horton’s small coffee ($1.54); Western Family 100% Pure Maple Syrup Amber at Save On Foods ($9.99); Canadian Tire Logo Hockey Pucks, 30-pk at Canadian Tire ($1.16 per puck); Acrylic Knit Toque at Canadian Tire ($6.99). Prices shown without taxes, valid as of 9/4/2019.

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