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Canada’s Best Cooling Mattress Is Douglas

Which type of mattress keeps you cool? Meet the Douglas mattress!

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"Best Cooling Mattress" in Canada by Western Living
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Proudly made in canada
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20-Year Warranty
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What’s the Best Cooling Mattress in Canada?

Canadian-approved and engineer-tested, Douglas outscores the competition.

Best Value!
Price (Queen)


$895 $1,499
2 Memory Foam Pillows


$170 $378
Sheet Set


$135 $179
Mattress Protector


$135 $199
2 Pillow Protectors


Not Available Not Available


Free Free
Made in


Canada Undisclosed
Height / Layers

10” / 3 Layers

10” / 3 Layers 10” / 3 Layers
Cooling Gel Foam


No No
Cooling Cover


No No
Machine-Washable Cover


Yes No
Sleep Trial (Nights)


100 100
Warranty (Years)


15 10
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Prices apply to queen-size Douglas Original, Endy, and The Casper mattresses, along with matching accessories. May not reflect current promotions or discounts. All information in this table has been taken from publicly available sources and is accurate as of January 9, 2024. Casper comparisons obtained from 'The Casper' mattress model. Douglas prices reflect discounts applied with purchase of a mattress.
*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

Winner! 2021 Product of the Year™

Mattress-in-a-Box Category

Are cooling mattresses any good? Mattress Experts say YES!

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Best Canadian Mattress for the Money


13,000+ 5-Star Reviews Can’t Be Wrong!

4.7 / 5

Trustpilot overall rating - “Excellent”

13,000+ 5-star reviews


Better Business Bureau

“We’re so into the Douglas mattress—it’s made in Canada by Canadians and for Canadians. We love it!”

-Canadian Living

“Douglas is super-comfy, and a great value. What could be more Canadian than that?”

-Jesse Brown, Host of Canadaland

Enjoy a Deep, Refreshing Sleep

Douglas is a medium-firm mattress, which places it between 6 and 7 on the firmness scale.

Is There Truly a Cooling Mattress?

Meet Douglas, the medium-firm memory foam mattress infused with all kinds of cooling technologies to offer superbly refreshing sleep.

Featuring three premium foam layers, this high-quality mattress provides an ideal balance of cooling benefits with cushioning comfort.

What Mattress Types Sleep Cool At Night?

Next generation foam mattresses such as the Douglas mattress sleep cool at night! Choose from the Douglas Original, Douglas Alpine, or Douglas Summit. The 12” Douglas Summit, with triple-action cooling, includes the following features:

1 - Douglas CoolSense® Cover + CryoFusion™ Cooling Nanofibres

The next generation of CoolSense® cover makes Douglas Summit our coolest mattress yet. Made with sustainable Infinitex™ thread interwoven with CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres, this machine-washable cover helps keep you sweat-free throughout the night, so you wake up feeling more refreshed year-round.

2 - 2.5” ecoLight® Cooling Gel Foam + Polar® Temperature Balancing

The most cooling gel foam in a Douglas mattress, ever. This layer is enhanced with Polar® temperature-balancing, which helps keep your sleep surface within a desirable temperature range at all times.

3 - 2.5” Premium Elastex® Foam

The Elastex® foam layer, fine-tuned for the perfect blend of bounce and cushioning. Enjoy a blissful sleep as the foam cradles your body in any sleeping position.

4 - 7” Motion Isolation Support Foam

Extra height for extra stability and durability. Our high-density foam base layer stops vibrations from travelling across the surface of the mattress, so you can enjoy an interruption-free sleep.

"So comfortable right away—hugs and supports body’s curves in any position. And stayed cool in 30+ degree weather!"

Aubrey N. Verified Douglas Buyer

No More Hot Nights – Just Sweet Dreams

What Is the Best Mattress for a Hot Sleeper?

New generation foam mattresses, like Douglas, are the best for hot sleepers. Featuring innovative ecoLight® cooling gel foam, billions of breathable air channels, and more, your Douglas mattress will keep you cool all night long.

With Douglas, you can now enjoy the contouring comfort of a premium foam bed without any fear of overheating.

“No complaints at all. This mattress is perfect for me. I always loved sleeping but I love even more now. And I don't sweat in my sleep anymore, which is unbelievable. So yeah, great job Douglas, and I can't believe the price point. Great value, great mattress.”

Evan K. Verified Douglas Buyer

Cool and Breathable Mattress Cover

The Douglas mattress' plush removable cover helps create ideal cooling conditions for sleep.

Featuring CoolSense® technology, its moisture-wicking fabric promotes a dryer surface to keep you refreshed through the night.

As for convenience, maintenance is a breeze. Simply zip the cover off and machine-wash on gentle for effortless upkeep.

Meanwhile, the latest generation of our CoolSense® cover makes the Douglas Summit our coolest mattress yet. Infused with CryoFusion™ cooling nanofibres, the Summit cover provides all the cooling benefits of our original cover, and more.

Comfort every night! Still completely satisfied.

"I do not overheat and my body feels well supported. I also find my partner's movement in the bed does not affect my side of the mattress. I also love the removeable mattress cover. Knowing that I can easily remove and wash it gives me reassurance that I can keep this mattress in good shape for years."

Matthew G. Verified Douglas Buyer

Upgraded Feature: Polar® Temperature Balancing

Douglas Alpine and Douglas Summit are both enhanced with Polar® phase-change material. This innovative material keeps the surface of your mattress within a comfortable temperature range.

Polar® absorbs body heat when you get too hot, and releases the warmth back to you when it gets cold. It’s like climate control for your mattress.

Beautiful night's sleep!!!

"I am very pleased with our Douglas Summit mattress. I have to check every time I wake up to see if my husband is still in bed with me! There is no movement on my side of our bed when he gets up in the middle of the night. What a wonderful thing!"

Frances M., Verified Douglas Buyer

Cooling AND Best-in-Class Motion Isolation

Dreaming of moving in bed without ever waking your sleeping partner again? You’ve got it!

Not only does the Douglas keep you cool—it isolates motion too.

Featuring up to 7 inches of sturdy premium support foam, the Douglas allows you to toss, turn, and stir without making a single ripple. Designed with ultimate comfort in mind, this mattress offers the perfect balance between temperature control and motion control.

You'll experience cool uninterrupted sleep every night thanks to Douglas!

Try Douglas at Home for 365 Nights, Risk-Free

As the saying goes, cooler heads prevail! That’s especially true when you can trial the Douglas cooling mattress at home for 365 nights, entirely risk- and pressure-free.

We all have varying needs and preferences when it comes to sleep. Plus, it can take several weeks to adjust to a brand-new mattress. In other words—figuring out your “dream-bed situation” doesn’t happen overnight.

And it certainly doesn’t happen within mere minutes of laying on a mattress.

But with Douglas, you don’t have to make up your mind right away. We're so confident in our temperature regulating technologies that you get to try our mattresses during ALL FOUR Canadian seasons.

As soon as your new mattress arrives at your door, you get 365 nights to try it out. If between nights 30 and 365 you decide the Douglas isn’t right for you, just contact us.

We’ll make the return process super-easy. No extra fees. And a full refund back to you. Simple!

See Why These Canadians Love Their Douglas Mattresses

Great mattress!

I had done quite a bit of research for a number of mattress-in-a-box companies. I ended up being most impressed with Douglas due to the reviews, sustainable company policies, made in Canada, return policy and price. To be totally honest I was a bit skeptical as I wasn’t sure I would be happy with a foam mattress versus a more traditional spring mattress. I’m very happy I made the decision to buy a Douglas mattress. From the first night I slept on it I am sleeping better than I ever have and staying cool. I’m a hot sleeper and their mattress does wonders to get rid of the heat. Even with the warm summer we have been having. Thank you Douglas for making such a great product and keeping it affordable!

Chris G. Verified Douglas Buyer
So comfortable!

I thought for sure this mattress would take some getting used to, but both my husband and I (and 2 dogs) had the most amazing sleep on night number one! So impressed with the comfort, coolness and how I don’t feel my husband move at all during the night. I highly recommend this mattress!

Jo C. Verified Douglas Buyer

Didn’t know sleeping could be so restful. I am a VERY hot sleeper which causes me to move around a lot in my sleep liking for a cool spot. No more! There are so many mattresses that say they “sleep cool” but don’t work. This mattress does. It’s very comfortable! It also helps with my carpal tunnel syndrome in my shoulder and hands.

Terry S. Verified Douglas Buyer
Stop now and give it a try

I was skeptical of the whole “bed in a box” idea until I took the plunge and bought the Alpine mattress. It’s comfortable, cool and has been a fantastic addition to our well-being. The motion transfer is exceptional and allows me to toss and turn (like I always have - although less now I might add!) without annoying my wife.

Terry G. Verified Douglas Buyer
I have never owned a more comfortable mattress

We bought the Douglas Original queen 2 years ago and love it, so comfortable. This time we went with the Alpine King Split. We have never slept better in our lives. They don't lie, it's a cool sleep, no sweating!! We recommend the cool pillows as well, didn't believe it until I tried it, they actually stay cool all night!!! Thank you Douglas, you've changed my life. I used to wake up at least every 2 hours, I now only get up once a night, but I also fall right back asleep right away. We highly recommend! Excellent quality and Canadian made. Superb!

Stefan R. Verified Douglas Buyer
Best mattress ever

Mega-comfortable, wake up refreshed from a good night's sleep. No more sore hips or achy back. Was easy to order online. Delivered within 10 days. Keeps our bodies cool throughout the night. Highly recommend a DOUGLAS mattress!

Donna A. Verified Douglas Buyer
Great mattress for almost all sleepers

Motion transfer is better than any other mattress I've used in the past and have been having cooler more enjoyable sleeps. Paired with the cooling gel pillow, best sleep in years.

Cole B. Verified Douglas Buyer
Buy it!!!

This mattress has been life changing! I was a little skeptical at first as it took about 2 weeks to get used to it. But I love it. I usually am a hot sleeper, but the Douglas keeps me at optimum sleeping temperature, it's firm but comfy and I find I fall asleep faster and stay sleeping throughout the night. Money well spent!

Daina P. Verified Douglas Buyer
Very satisfied

We purchased the mattress as a Christmas gift for ourselves. After much research for the best mattress for our needs, we decided to go with Douglas and are very happy with our choice. My husband and I didn't agree on the firmness of mattress we should order, I like soft because I wake up with sore hips and shoulders and he like firm for his sore back. This one ends up being just enough of both for both our needs. We also like to be cool at night and have yet to feel hot on this mattress. Good thing!

Xuana C. Verified Douglas Buyer
Love this mattress!

I love our new Douglas mattress! I get a great night’s sleep and my hip and shoulder pain has gone. I find I am not moving as much, and I can’t feel my husband’s movement. I wake feeling rested and refreshed.

Lily F. Verified Douglas Buyer
1 / 5

Less Carbon, Better Materials, Local Shipping – That’s the Douglas Environmental Commitment.

At Douglas, we’re proud to do our part for the planet and the greater Canadian community – every single day.

Eco-Conscious Manufacturing

Crafted in Canadian factories our foam is CertiPUR-US® certified – meaning we do not use any ozone depleters, heavy metals, or hazardous flame retardants during manufacturing.

Support Local Communities

Decided that your Douglas mattress isn’t right for you? Our returns process helps ensure no mattress goes to waste. Whenever possible, returned mattresses are picked up by local movers and either recycled or donated to local charities.

Made in Canada

We manufacture Douglas in Canada and source all foam, fabric, and packaging from Canadian suppliers. This has the added benefit of letting us avoid the carbon footprint related to international transportation!

“I spent a lot of time reviewing and comparing mattresses before I bought my Douglas. What sold me was the firmness level, sustainability, eco-responsibility, and that I was supporting a Canadian-made product.”

Rachel C. Verified Douglas Buyer

365 Night Trial
Proudly made in canada
Free Shipping & Returns*
20-Year Warranty
*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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