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Canada’s Best Bed Sheets: The Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets

Eric O'Brien

Updated: May 23, 2024

Looking for the best bed sheets in Canada?

Look no further.

“The Best Bed Sheets Canada Has to Offer”

Narcity recently named the Douglas Egyptian Cotton sheets “the best bed sheets Canada has to offer.” We agree. And we think they will soon become your favourite new set of sheets, too!

With breathable long-staple material, a smooth-to-the-touch sateen finish, and 6 stunning colours, these sheets will surely give you the best sleep of your life.

Let’s take a look at why Egyptian cotton sheets are so popular, and also why when it comes to Egyptian cotton, Douglas sheets are the best brand of bed sheets around.

Woman spreading the top sheet of her Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets on to her bed

Why Is Egyptian Cotton So Special?

The unique climate of Egypt offers the perfect growing conditions for cotton. The cotton grown in Egypt is world-renowned for its long and thin fibres. Egyptian cotton is also handpicked, causing less stress to the cotton fibres, which allows them to remain more durable and smooth throughout the manufacturing process. 

These two advantages allow textile merchants to create fabrics that are softer, more breathable, and more durable than similar fabrics made with machine-harvested cotton.

And who doesn’t want softer, breathable sheets that will last longer?

Benefits of Egyptian Cotton

  • Softer
  • More breathable
  • More durable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Globally certified materials
EGYPTIAN COTTON trademark tag on Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets
Woman smiling and touching Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets to her face
Close-up detail of the Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets

6 Reasons Why Douglas Sheets Are the Best Sheets

1. Supreme Comfort

Comfort like this is by design. When world-famous materials meet innovative manufacturing techniques, great things happen.

Breathable Sateen Weave

Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets have a 400 thread count. When it comes to thread count for cotton, this is the sweet spot where breathability, durability, and comfort are in a fine balance. The cotton is set in a sateen weave for a lustrous sheen and soft hand-feel.

Resistant to tearing, fading & pilling

Douglas Egyptian Cotton sheets undergo a special mercerization process. This treatment gives the fabric more strength and lustre, for a smoother finish you’re sure to notice. It also makes the fabric more receptive to dye, resulting in rich colours.

2. A Half-Dozen Popular Colours to Choose From

Closeup view showing all six colours of the Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets

The Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets are available in six popular colours. Each colour was chosen for its versatility, meaning they will all match well with a wide variety of bedding designs. 

From bold blues, modern neutrals, and soothing earth tones, the Douglas sheets are sure to be a fine complement to the rest of your bedding.

Douglas sheets are also available in 10 common sizes, including 3 sizes for RV mattresses.

3. Certified Quality

Every set of Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets are multi-certified. You’ll sleep easy knowing every material in your Douglas sheets has passed independent testing for harmful substances, going beyond national and international health and safety requirements.

This product is also made with 100% long-staple Egyptian Cotton, as certified by the Cotton Egypt Association™.

4. Convenient Features

No one likes struggling to pull their fitted sheet across that last corner of the mattress. Thankfully, Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets have a couple of intelligent features that turn this old chore into a pleasure.

  • Jumbo elastic band: This grippy, oversized elastic makes it easy to secure your fitted sheet across all four corners of your mattress while keeping a clean look.
  • Head/Foot tags: Don’t worry about putting the fitted sheet on in the wrong direction ever again. These discreet tags save you time and frustration when arranging or folding your bedding.
Woman pulling the Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets fitted sheet over the corner of a Douglas mattress

5. 120-Night Home Trial

We know you’ll love your new Egyptian Cotton Sheets. In fact, we’re so certain that we’ll give you 120 nights to try the sheets at home. If at any time during this trial period you decide to return your sheets, we’ll give you a full refund and arrange to pick up your sheets.

6. Great Prices

We all understand that to get excellent quality, you’ll usually need to pay higher prices. But sometimes there are rare exceptions – like with the Douglas sheets.

While Egyptian cotton sheets usually sell for between $150–$200, Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets start at just $99 CAD. How do we keep prices so low? As an online, direct-to-consumer company, we’re able to skip the expensive store stocking fees and re-seller commissions to keep our prices low. And those savings get passed along to you!

woman resting peacefully with her Douglas Egyptian Cotton Sheets

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