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Douglas vs Casper Mattress Comparison (2024)

Is Casper a Canadian brand? No it is not. Mattress experts say Douglas is Canada's Best Mattress. Shop Douglas
Updated: May 21, 2024

How Does Douglas Compare to Casper?

An exceptionally well-made mattress at an unbeatable price.

Save $700
The Casper Mattress
Regular Price (Queen)



2 Pillows



Sheet Set



Mattress Protector



2 Pillow Protectors


Not Available

Made in


Not Disclosed

Cooling Gel Foam



Eco-Conscious Foam



Motion-Isolation Rating*



Edge-Support Rating*



Sleep Trial

365 Nights

100 Nights


20 Years

10 Years

Free Shipping, Free Returns†



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Prices apply to queen-size Douglas Original and Casper Original mattresses, as well as matching accessories. All information in this table has been taken from publicly available sources and is accurate as of July 25, 2023. May not reflect current promotions or discounts.
*Based on testing by third-party engineers commissioned by †Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

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*Items Vary by Size. Terms Apply

See Why Customers Buy Douglas Instead of Casper

Douglas has over 11,000 5-star reviews from people who love their mattress.

I checked out Casper, Endy and Douglas, did some research and thought Douglas the best.

Easy order and delivery and sleeping on it was a dream! I move all over the mattress to try different angles and positions… honestly the best sleep, I never want to leave it!

David H. Douglas Verified Buyer
London, ON

I would highly recommend the Douglas mattress to anyone who likes a semi firm/soft mattress ... The sides are stiff for a memory foam mattress; you don’t lose any space like you might with Casper.

Rachel W. Douglas Verified Buyer
Halifax, NS

I’ve tried Casper, Puffy, and Leesa beds and ended up sending them all back because I would wake up in pain. … [Douglas] is by far the best bed I’ve owned. I hardly ever wake up in pain anymore...

William V. Douglas Verified Buyer
Penticton, BC

I spent the past year researching mattresses... Douglas, Endy, Casper, etc. My only regret is that it took me that long to finally decide to order the Douglas. The support is perfect. I truly couldn’t be happier.

Erica S. Douglas Verified Buyer
Cow Bay, NS

I was looking at the Casper, Endy, and Douglas, but at first I put Douglas to the side because it was the cheapest! I thought ... the more expensive ones must be better quality. Not the case! We are SO HAPPY with Douglas!

Carly M. Douglas Verified Buyer
Coquitlam, BC
1 / 5

5 Reasons to Make Douglas Your Next Mattress

Douglas Comes with a FREE Comfort Sleep Bundle

INCREDIBLE VALUE! Canada's Best Mattress comes with our Comfort Sleep Bundle for FREE.*

The Comfort Sleep Bundle includes all the bedding basics you need for your bedroom.

With the Casper Original Hybrid you pay a premium and get less in return: a shorter sleep trial, no mattress protector, no sheets, no pillow, and no pillow protector.

The Douglas sleep bundle includes FREE pillows, sheets, mattress protector and pillow protectors

"I've been enjoying my Douglas mattress for almost a year and have the best sleeps."

Sydney S. Verified Douglas Buyer

Mississauga, ON
Douglas Is Made in Canada, Casper Is Not

Douglas is proudly made in Canada using Canadian-sourced materials. Our mattresses are made by manufacturers across Canada and are often shipped within hours of the order being placed.

”What sold me [on Douglas] was the firmness, sustainability, eco-responsibility, and that I was supporting a Canadian-made product.”

Rachel C. Verified Douglas Buyer

Winnipeg, MB
Douglas Has Cooling Gel Foam, Casper Does Not

It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re hot and sweaty. Both mattress brands have their own proprietary open-cell foam to encourage airflow. But only Douglas has ecoLight® cooling gel foam that helps keep you cool all night.

This information has been taken from publicly available sources and is accurate as of July 25, 2023.

”So comfortable and really does stay cool. It's about time something works as advertised.”

Dean M. Verified Douglas Buyer

Cornwall, ON
Douglas Has Better Motion Isolation & Edge Support Than Casper*

We commissioned licensed engineers to test Douglas and Casper on mattress qualities important to sleepers. Douglas beat Casper in both motion isolation and edge support.

Ratings Backed by Engineering Data

Testing by APEGA Certified Engineers

For visualization purposes only.

*Based on testing by third-party engineers commissioned by, and covered in full detail in this APEGA-stamped report.

”Very comfortable with zero transfer of motion. We love it!”

Vivian M. Verified Douglas Buyer

Cultus Lake, BC
Douglas Saves You Money

You’ve seen the awards, you’ve compared the features, and you’ve read what real customers have to say. Make Douglas yours and spend less for an amazing sleep!

Casper Original:


for a queen


Save up to $700!

for a queen

Prices above have been taken from publicly available sources and are accurate as of July 25, 2023. May not reflect current promotions or discounts.

”[Douglas] is a great mattress, especially for the price. I feel like at a department store this would be triple the price.”

Whitney W. Verified Douglas Buyer

Vancouver, BC

Order Today and Sleep Better, for Less. Start Your 365-Night Trial to See for Yourself.

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