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Compare Douglas® vs Emma Mattresses (2024)

Which Mattress is Worth Buying? Discover why Douglas® is Canada's Best Mattress and why it offers better value for money. Shop Douglas
Updated: May 17, 2024

How Does Douglas Compare to Emma?

An exceptionally well-made mattress at an unbeatable price.

Incredible Value!
Emma Original
Regular Price (Queen)



2 Pillows



Mattress Protector



Sheet Set


Not Available

2 Pillow Protectors


Not Available


20 Years

10 Years

Made in Canada



Eco-Conscious Foam



Edge Support Rating*

7.3 / 10

4 / 10

Motion Isolation Rating*

8.3 / 10

7 / 10

Height / Layers

10" / 3 Layers

10" / 3 Layers

Listed Firmness



Better Business Bureau Score
Trustpilot Score

4.8 / 5
(See profile)

3.3 / 5
(See profile)

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Prices apply to queen-size Douglas Original mattress and matching accessories. Douglas mattress protector price reflects discount applied with purchase of a mattress. All information in this table has been taken from publicly available sources and is accurate as of June 29, 2023. May not reflect current promotions or discounts.
*All numerical values are based on testing commissioned by and undertaken by third-party engineers, who have evaluated and rated over 115 mattresses using the same test conditions and methodology.

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See Why Customers Love Their Douglas Mattresses

Douglas customers are 6x more likely to leave a 5-star review than Emma mattress owners!*

Sleeping Better Than Ever

This is hands down the comfiest mattress I've ever slept on. I've been sleeping better than ever. The mattress seems like fantastic quality and as someone who cares about where their products are made, I'm happy to rep the brand knowing they're made in Canada. Thanks, Douglas!

Matthew F. Verified Douglas Buyer
Whitby, ON
Highly Recommended Purchase!

This is the most comfortable, cool sleeping mattress I’ve slept on, and I’m getting a great night's rest! The purchase was simple and shipping was quick. I appreciate the solid [sleep] trial; it’s sure nice to see companies that stand behind their product! Thank you Douglas Team!

Andrew O. Verified Douglas Buyer
Aldergrove, BC
Excellent Quality Mattress for a Great Price

First time purchasing a Douglas mattress and I'm very impressed. Good quality mattress and a great price. I have zero complaints regarding my sleep since purchasing this mattress! Thank you Douglas!

Justin A. Verified Douglas Buyer
Winnipeg, MB
Best Bed Ever!

I love that it's Canadian-made, eco-friendly, competitive in price, shipped free, and find the warranty & return policy great. I tend to overheat easily & that's not an issue with the Douglas. I couldn't be happier with my bed. Thanks, Douglas!

Laura S. Verified Douglas Buyer
Brantford, ON
Two Thumbs Up

We have had our Douglas mattress for one week and already notice the difference in sleep patterns. I wake up with little to no back pain anymore. Two thumbs up on the Douglas mattress.

Ron B. Verified Douglas Buyer
McGregor, ON
Take the Plunge, You Won’t Regret It!

I couldn't be happier. It gives where it needs to and supports where it should. I don't find any issues with temperature, and I like to sleep cool. I strongly recommend the mattress...on top of everything, the price is unbeatable!

Marissa T. Verified Douglas Buyer
Winnipeg, MB
Excellent Product

The Douglas mattress has greatly improved my sleep quality. Sleeps cool with no more pain in my hips and shoulder. I used to toss and turn all night trying to find comfort, my wife would complain about me shaking up the bed. With this mattress, I am now sleeping comfortably and even when I turn the whole bed does not shake. Excellent product.

Haimchand S. Verified Douglas Buyer
Tillsonburg, ON
Super Comfortable!

Can say without a doubt it's the most comfortable mattress I've ever had and love the fact it's made by Canadians for Canadians!

Stan W. Verified Douglas Buyer
Oshawa, ON
Very Satisfied Customer

I really like my new Douglas Mattress. I have no regrets buying it. Great price and quality, fast delivery and easy to set up. I sleep better and wake up feeling rested. It's probably the most comfortable mattress I've ever owned. Very soft, yet supportive. Highly recommend.

Jack P. Verified Douglas Buyer
Oshawa, ON
Should Have Bought This Years Ago!

Amazing mattress! I wake up with no pain and I just love it! I am so impressed with the cushiony softness but yet still firm. I recommend this mattress to anyone looking for a top quality solution to back and shoulder pain.

Andrea M. Verified Douglas Buyer
Toronto, ON
1 / 5

*Based on the advertised number of customers and five-star reviews on the Douglas and Emma websites, as observed on 02/08/2023.

5 Reasons to Choose Douglas Instead of Emma

Douglas Is Canadian to Its Core and Ships Fast.

Each Douglas mattress is made fresh to order from Canadian-sourced materials and crafted in Canadian factories to top national quality standards. Plus, most Douglas mattresses take less than ten days to arrive on your doorstep, so you can fall fast asleep, even faster.

Emma, on the other hand, is a global corporation. Because they serve such a broad audience, Emma says it can take up to three weeks for a queen mattress just to leave the factory. Some customers on Emma's website have even said they've waited over three months to receive their orders. Did someone fall asleep on the job?

Proudly Made in Canada

"I like to purchase Canadian products. I researched and picked Douglas. Quick delivery and easy to open. So comfortable! No more getting up in the morning with a sore back. This mattress is fantastic! I sleep through the night and am refreshed in the AM."

Keith S. Verified Douglas Buyer

Barrie, ON
Douglas Has Better Motion Isolation and Edge Support Than Emma.*

Are you literally tired of waking up in the night because of your partner or pets moving around? Douglas has you covered.

We had third-party engineers test Douglas and Emma mattresses for qualities that Canadians care about, and Douglas outperformed Emma for motion isolation, edge support, and bounce.

Ratings Backed by Engineering Data

Testing by APEGA Certified Engineers

For visualization purposes only.

*Based on testing by third-party engineers commissioned by, and covered in full detail in this APEGA-stamped report.

"I LOVE that you don't get tossed around when your partner/pet moves! My husband could be doing cartwheels and I wouldn't know it."

Andrea T. Verified Douglas Buyer

Mt. Currie, BC
Douglas Perfectly Balances Pressure Relief and Support.

The Douglas mattress is popular with Canadians because it has a medium-firm feel that offers the best combination of gentle cushioning and healthy support.

Emma has re-engineered their mattresses sold in Canada to be softer, in order "to match American sleep preferences." Apparently, no one told Emma that Canadians prefer firmer mattresses than Americans do. (Source)

A woman sleeps on a Douglas mattress, which shows a cross section of its layers to display body contouring and how the Douglas mattress provides spinal alignment.

"We absolutely love this mattress! It's the perfect combination of firm and soft, and the extra edge support of this mattress compared to other brands definitely shows...there is never a feeling of falling off when you are near the edge of the mattress. We could not be happier with our purchase!"

Eric P. Verified Douglas Buyer

Mississauga, ON
Douglas Cares About the Environment.

Every Douglas mattress made in Eastern Canada is manufactured using energy from over 90% non-emitting sources, including wind and hydro.

Douglas uses low-carbon materials like ecoLight® foam and every cover contains sustainable Infinitex™ fibre, produced from renewable plant-based sources using an efficient closed-loop process that creates almost zero waste.

Emma doesn't list any environmental initiatives on its website.

"I spent a lot of time reviewing and comparing mattresses before I bought my Douglas. What sold me was the firmness level, sustainability, eco-responsibility, and that I was supporting a Canadian-made product."

Rachel C. Verified Douglas Buyer

Winnipeg, MB
Douglas Saves You Money!

You’ve seen the awards, you’ve compared the features, and you’ve read what real customers have to say. Make Douglas yours and spend less for an amazing sleep!

Emma Original:


for a queen
Douglas Original:


Save $500!

for a queen

Prices above have been taken from publicly available sources and are accurate as of June 29, 2023. May not reflect current promotions or discounts.

"This mattress is perfect for us. We sleep much better on our Douglas than on our old mattress, which had cost 5 times more! My back is much better! Will buy again fur sure."

Pierre-Nicolas P. Verified Douglas Buyer

Ascot Corner, QC

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