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Mattress in a Box Canada

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Updated: March 28, 2024

What is a mattress in a box?

A mattress that's made to order, compressed inside a box, and shipped direct to you. Here's how Douglas compares to traditional mattresses.

Best Overall!
Traditional Spring Mattress
Price (Queen Size)


$250 – $4,000

2 Memory Foam Pillows


Not Included

Sheet Set


Not Included

Mattress Protector


Not Included

2 Pillow Protectors


Not Included



Up to $90



(Exchange only + delivery fee)

15% Off All Accessories



Machine-Washable Cover



Cooling Gel Foam



RV Sizes Available





Plush or firm

Made in


Not disclosed

Sleep Trial

365 nights

90 nights


20 years

5–10 years

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All information in this table has been taken from a large, nationwide mattress retailer website, and is accurate as of March 26, 2024. Traditional mattress prices include the range of available models. Bundle and accessories offers apply with Douglas mattress purchase. Bundle item quantities vary by mattress size. Terms apply. Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

Limited Time Only!

Buy a mattress and get*
  • Free Comfort Sleep Bundle

Premium Pillows


Cotton Sheet Set


Mattress Protector


Pillow Protectors

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  • 50% Off Down Alternative Duvets
  • 15% Off All Accessories
  • 365-Night Sleep Trial
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Douglas Mattress Reviews From Real Buyers

I’m Impressed So Far!

Imagine, a mattress that arrives on your doorstep in a box! [...] The best part about it is that we have 365 days to truly fall in love with our mattress or we can return it for a full credit.

Janis H. Verified Douglas Purchase
Whitby, ON
Actually Amazing

We live remotely, so ordering a mattress was an obvious choice. Having such a nice mattress come straight to us in such a relatively small box was actually amazing. We're satisfied with the price, as we got it during a Black Friday sale.

Paul F. Verified Douglas Purchase
Peace River, AB
Look No Further Than Douglas

Canadian quality at its best. The Douglas mattress is now a part of our Canadian pride, like hockey, beaver tails and poutine! Reasonably priced, fast delivery, 5-minute expansion out of the box and super comfortable and supportive. Next time you are looking for a great mattress, look no further than Douglas.

Danny G. Verified Douglas Purchase
Lansdowne, ON
Excellent Customer Service

First mattress in a box and was pleasantly surprised by not just quality of product but excellent customer service and response time.

Terry T. Verified Douglas Purchase
Jordan Station, ON
Quality Materials

[...] Once the mattress arrived, we watched the magic happen as it took form outside of the box it arrived in. We slept on it later that night, and it achieved exactly what my pregnant wife and I were hoping for. Comfortable, supportive and made with quality materials. We'll continue to add more as our family grows!

Elizabeth C. Verified Douglas Purchase
Hamilton, ON
Slept for 10 Hours the First Night

I had three mattresses in the last 10 years and was skeptical about another bed in a box, but the price and sleep guarantee were the attraction after reading reviews. I’m a side sleeper, I slept for 10 hours the first night. [...] No more shoulder aches. My wife’s sciatic nerve pain in her leg is much better. It’s only been two weeks but I think we finally found our mattress. Thank you Douglas!

Barry C. Verified Douglas Purchase
Halton Hills, ON
Very Happy

Easy to bring upstairs and install, very happy with the quality. It's been a huge upgrade from our previous mattress. Wild how they can just come shrink-wrapped in a box these days, barely even needing two people to move it.

Mark O. Verified Douglas Purchase
St. Catherines, ON
1 / 5

6 Reasons to Choose a Douglas Mattress in a Box

Easier to buy, try and fall in love with!

Douglas Comes with a FREE Sleep Bundle!*

It's one of the best sleep deals in Canada! Buy any Douglas mattress, starting at only $599, and you'll get a Comfort Sleep Bundle for FREE.

The Comfort Sleep Bundle includes everything you need for a great sleep:

2 Premium Pillows*
1 Set of Cotton Sheets
1 Waterproof Mattress Protector
2 Waterproof Pillow Protectors*

Have you seen a traditional mattress retailer offer this amount of FREE bedding products with mattress purchase? Because we sure haven't!

Get Mattress + Bundle Deal

*Bundle item quantities vary by mattress size. Terms apply.

"This Comfort Sleep Bundle was a great bonus! The pillow offered the proper amount of firmness for good neck support. The mattress cover was of good quality and the sheet set just completed everything we needed. What a treat!"

Nadia B. Verified Douglas Purchase

Toronto, ON
Douglas Ships to Your Door for FREE*

Why waste time borrowing a truck and driving to a warehouse to pick up a mattress and lug it home?

With Douglas, our mattresses are made to order and shipped direct to your home – often in just a few days! Best of all, shipping is FREE.

While some mattress retailers give you the option to ship to your home, there's often an extra charge to do so. Douglas is so much easier and more affordable.

*Shipping fees may apply for some remote regions.

"I heard about Douglas on the Canadaland news podcast. Price was right. Shipping was fast. I’m comfortable and sleeping very well. I highly recommend!"

Victoria H. Verified Douglas Purchase

Winnipeg, MB
Douglas Is Medium-Firm, Just How Canadians Like It

Did you know that most Canadians sleepers prefer a medium-firm mattress? (Source).

That's why every Douglas mattress is fine-tuned for a medium-firm feel. The three foam layers, which include ecoLight® cooling gel foam, give you the perfect mix of heat dissipation, pressure relief, and support.

Many other mattresses, particularly those sold in retail stores, have a "Plush" or "Firm" firmness. But they don't have the balanced medium-firm comfort that Canadians crave.

"If you’re looking for a medium-firm mattress that you can comfortably side, back, or tummy sleep on, this one’s for you. This is the most comfortable mattress we have owned, and two years later it’s still in practically new condition!"

Melissa B. Verified Douglas Purchase

Terrace, BC
Douglas Is Available for RVs, Too!

Love to explore and sleep in the great outdoors? Now you can get the comfort of home in your travel trailer, camper van, or motorhome.

Every Douglas bed-in-box mattress is available in three standard RV sizes, starting at just $599.

To save on costs, many manufacturers outfit their RV bedrooms with thin, low-density foam mattresses that are made overseas. If you've been having trouble falling asleep, or waking up with a sore back and hips, you probably need a new mattress.

Shop RV Mattress

"Purchased this RV queen for our travel trailer after our first trip on the supplied mattress. Night and day! I can finally sleep now and have no sore back in the morning!"

Brian T. Verified Douglas Purchase

Victoria Harbour, ON
Douglas Has a ONE-YEAR Sleep Trial

A mattress is a big investment. But it doesn't have to be a risky bet.

After your Douglas mattress is delivered to your home, you can try it for 365 nights, risk free! If you don't absolutely love it, just reach out to our Canadian customer service team. Then we'll pick it up and give you a full refund.

Some traditional mattress retailers have a limited "Comfort Guarantee," but you still have to pay for the return AND you can only exchange it for another one of their mattresses (plus any difference in price).*

*Returns/exchange information is from a large, nationwide mattress retailer website, and is accurate as of March 26, 2024

"I truly love this bed! I have 365 days to fully make up my mind! Doesn't get any better."

Hunter R. Verified Douglas Purchase

Rodney, ON
Douglas Includes a 20-YEAR Warranty

Douglas is committed to quality and peace of mind. Our mattresses are crafted in factories across Canada, and are compressed, boxed, and shipped to your home.

Every Douglas mattress includes a comprehensive 20-year warranty. This includes coverage for manufacturing defects as well as excessive sinkage.

Other traditional mattress companies include a warranty, but many range from just 5 to 10 years. Douglas' mattress warranty is up to 4x longer!

"[...] Extremely good warranty and return policy. It's going so well that [my husband] has agreed to finally moving the old mattress out of our bedroom and into the storage container 😀"

Gail J. Verified Douglas Purchase

Red Deer County, AB

Try Douglas & Start Your Risk-Free Sleep Trial!

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